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The OMNI Health tool is a cumulative collated claims-based electronic medical record utilized by the medical management team at Managed Care Concepts. Developed in-house at MCC through a collaborative effort with our IT vendor in California, OMNI provides a real-time “snapshot” of an individual’s medical history including pharmaceutical claims.


Through OMNI’s unique filtering process, it identifies members with specific disease processes and sends notification to the care management nurses so that the member can be enrolled/managed through MCC’s WELL-Managed Chronic Care program. The OMNI Health Record is then generated and used by the nurse to identify gaps in care as well as co-morbidities, medication adherence, etc. Besides its application in Care Management (DM), other departments such as Case and Utilization Management utilize the OMNI Health Record in their day to day work with members. Indeed, Case Managers make extensive use of this tool in managing catastrophic members, in particular, in their communication with stop loss carriers. Stop Loss Carriers and underwriters have direct access to this tool when requested and authorized, however, the majority of our carriers receive it as part of their monthly reporting from the case managers. As expected, the feedback from re-insurers regarding OMNI has been very positive.


OMNI is making a difference in the way we manage our members and service our clients. MCC is working to expand the current capabilities of the OMNI tool so that we can provide even more timely management of our client’s members as well as continually improve the quality, timing and type of data provided to the client..


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