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Successfully managing your life with diabetes can be challenging. Healthy Track is a platform of healthcare services designed to get and keep you on a “healthy track”. This is accomplished through the FDA approved MyGHR system which provides real time data and comprehensive Nurse Navigator support.

The Genesis Blood Glucose Meter accurately tests glucose levels and automatically sends the results to the patient’s secure and personal on-line MyGHR account (The MyGHR System is FDA APPROVED), which can be shared with healthcare professionals or other individuals involved in patient care. The Genesis meter has an intuitive user interface and is easy to use. Its features include a color LCD screen, a rechargeable battery, the ability to store up to 450 readings on the meter and built-in data transmission technology.


Members who use a Genesis Blood Glucose Meter receive access to their own secure, online Patient Account that stores their test results.


The MyGHR System eliminates the need for traditional paper logbooks, as test results from the GHT blood glucose meter are instantly sent to and stored in the MyGHR System. The MyGHR System also contains features for running test history reports and target range outcome reports and for logging nutrition information. Additionally, the MyGHR System can be programmed to send text message alerts of test results to any mobile phone or to your physician.


If you participate in this program your Healthy Track Nurse will have access to your testing in order to better assist you in managing your diabetes.

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