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Wellness Newsletters—Monthly or Quarterly

Health related newsletters that are available either monthly or quarterly.

Topics vary with current medical news and trends: also varies with medical year calendar.

Both monthly and quarterly newsletters are colorful documents—easy to read and comprehend.

Can be mailed to individuals at their home or mailed to the clients HR department for distribution

Topics include but are not limited to: Nutrition; Fitness; Preventative Medicine; Weight Loss; Smoking Cessation; Healthy Heart; Understanding Fats; Advances in Imaging; Laboratory Tests—Understanding Your Results; Numerous other topics


Lunch.Learn.Live Sessions

“Brown Bag” sessions presented quarterly by healthcare professionals such as registered nurses, dietitians, etc.

Client (Employer Group and/or TPA/Broker) may select the four topics to be presented.

Length of Presentation can be customized to meet client needs, i.e....Thirty minutes or one hour; multiple lunch sessions on same day at one site; multi-site option available


Got a Minute? Poster Campaigns

A Poster Based Program that is designed to “catch the eye” and provide a “did you know” type moment with regards to topics in healthcare, fitness, prevention and nutrition. This program is available as a monthly program only.


Care Card Series

Unique way to engage members


Benefits of My Personal Health Suite

  • Low Price Insures ROI and Wide Adoption
  • Increased Client Retention
  • Reduced Healthcare Costs
  • Differentiates You From Competitors
  • Helps You Provide Additional Value


Healthy Living Programs are the Key to Lifestyle Changes

Health Risk Assessments are great tools, but they need help to produce change. What do employees do after they take the HRA? They start the twelve-week Healthy Living Programs (HLPs) included in the Personal Health Suite and begin to make life style changes. These programs engage employees using tailored content, communications, tutorials, assignments, emails, and fitness and nutrition logs to help them make lasting changes in their lives. The HLPs are a cost effective way to help employees live healthier, more productive lives and help employers control healthcare costs.


The following Healthy Living Programs are included:

  • Cancer-Fighting Program
  • Smoke-Free Program
  • Diabetes-Fighting Program
  • Easy Start Program
  • Healthy Seniors Program
  • Get In Shape Program
  • Healthy Kids Program


Medical Resources

  • Medical Encyclopedia
  • Surgeries
  • Handling Healthcare
  • Medical Procedures
  • Home Care
  • Webcasts
  • Chronic Care
  • Medication Research



Wellness Coaching

We Provide nurse and fitness coaches certified in motivational interviewing and wellness to work with your members.

  • My Personal Health Suite
  • Powered by Alere, Healthwise, and Health-Day
  • The Personal Health
    Suite comes with:
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Healthy Living Programs
  • Daily Health News Feeds
  • Personal Health Record
  • Preventative Reminders
  • Monthly Seminars
  • MUCH more!


Something for Everyone

  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • 50-Plus Health
  • Children’s Health
  • Home Care


Food and Nutrition Tools

  • Food Finder
  • Food Log
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Sandwich Maker
  • Menus
  • Diabetes Diet Tips


Fitness and Sport Tools

  • Virtual Trainer
  • Exercise Routines
  • Fitness Programs
  • Exercise Log



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