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Managed Care


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Managed Care Concepts is a managed care entity providing a 360' degree approach to utilization review, compliance,
case management, disease management, concierge line, and wellness management for employer and student groups.

Why Choose Managed Care Concepts?

  • Experienced company with a proven track record
  • Small enough to be flexible, yet large enough to attract contractual relationships with large national payors
  • Customized service to meet your clients specialized needs
  • Superior customer service
  • Reporting practices that exceed industry standards
  • Offer seamless approach, with all services on one platform
Healthcare costs in 1960 was 27 billion dollars.  Health costs in 2020 are projected to be 4.487 trillion dollars.

Many providers feel they must choose between improving patient care and reducing costs.  We believe you can achieve both.  With our unique blend of products and services, we are improving patient wellness while providing real cost savings to providers and insurers.

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Managed Care Concepts

P.O. Box 3103, Orange, TX 77631

Tele: 866-750-2723

Fax: 409-886-5715

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